A 12 episode anime comedy/fantasy series. Airi, an award winning actress, Junpei, the martial arts master, and Ritsuko, the gun freak schoolgirl with an army tank, have been transported from Earth to a land of magic. The casting of the spell that was supposed to get them back was, errr, interrupted, causing the words for the spell to explode into five parts, which go hurtling away and attach themselves in a tattoo like manner to five random elves, somewhere out there. So, to get back home, they travel the lands, stripping every single elf they come across, and-


This is not hentai or porn; there's no visible nudity. However, it is very funny, because of the absurdity of what they're doing, and the fact that "stalwart-heros-from-Earth-in-a-land-of-magic" should be saving the land from from evil depredations, and not performing those evil depredations themselves. If you like absurd comedy, then this is the series for you!

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