She sends me words in a brown envelope
handwritten, smooth cursive strokes that lean
left to right

They whisper to me from my nightstand
begging to be read and reread
insistent and tireless.

A song stuck in my head,
splinter in my open palm.



I wait on the shore for your boat,
Without your arms 'round me, I can scarcely breathe
Come, come carry me away,
else I will fade into the sand.
A relic, an empty shell.




What answer would you have,
if you could answer at all?

I couldn't answer at all.

I won't take the risk of
extinguishing all the stars in the sky.

Here's the story of the person
who received the brown envelope.

I sail from shore to shore in my boat
Wherever wind and tides may take me

Until the moment my heart skipped a beat
when I wanted to leave this special place -
Astonished I took a breath not knowing
what my heart tried to tell me

So I continued my journey
with the wind in my hair
and the sun in my back
From shore to shore

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