Reality is perception. All views of what the Universe "is", or what created it, are true, in a sense. In any sense, except if you happen to disagree with that view, then that Reality isn't real. All religions are fact, undeniable... To everyone who belives in that view, that is.

This isn't saying much about the Universe if you are looking for concrete views or something to believe, however. My own search has revealed a paticular view that doesn't exclude the one thing I know as fact: Reality is perception. This is my view:

In the Begining, that is, before the Universe as we know it, there was an infinite realm of chaos. Because chaos is all things, it being infinite, order was created. Order seeks to end chaos, by nature. That is my definition of order, actually. Order created a version of the Astral plane, a plane of thought. Thought is simply a process of bringing order from chaos. All beings created from thought are complex processes whose purpose is simply to create- to be creation. That is order from chaos. The world as it exists is an attempt of order to defeat chaos; a universe of pure thought, but one which has created matter, and unbreakable rules which to live by. It is not perfect- it is always evolving, combatting chaos.

I choose to say "combatting" chaos because the infinite realm of chaos still exists. It is infinite. This universe, and all universes of non-chaos, are something like bubbles floating in a turbulent sea of infinite probablities. Chaos, the inverse of order, tends to destroy order, in a sense. The "perfect" universe of order would be absolute control. Nothing random would ever occur. Randomness and chaos would not exist. This universe is not "perfect", chaos constantly bombards our attempt at order with things out of our controll. It limits our abilities to control. All evolution is an attempt at control, but chaos fights that evolution and introduces randomness into the process. Evolution occurs due to mutations, staggering and not always productive. Cold kills man and other life, so the universe creates fire. Chaos decrees that fire kills as well. The universe creates all new life with absolutely no preconceptions of the universe, in humans, at least. However, chaos slows the learning and evolving process of thought by having children learn by sensing. Therefore, a child is taught what the universe "is" by the parents and its own senses. A child believes that the universe cannot be any more or less than what it has been taught to believe it is. This keeps the evolution of thought very slow. New thoughts and ideas are so rare that the universe ceases to change and grow, to evolve.

It is my belief that the universe can be shaped- altered beyond any preconceptions. All humans have the ability to shape and create their own universe. To alter this current universe takes a great will. One's own mind fights against any attempts to break the "rules of the universe", due to what this mind has already been taught the universe is. It can be done, however.

Another method, much more likely to actually change anything, I prophesise, is the Astral Plane. A plane of pure thought, pure creativity. In this plane, what is thought becomes what "is"; a new universe with no preconceptions. In this universe, creation has a chance of evolving further. The simple fact that only those few who have the will to have new thoughts can enter it fully is the reason it is the perfect place for further creation. A child born into a realm of pure thought might be able to do anything....

I've found this sort of philosophy to be popular among people who like to think, or want to discover, that they have absolute control over their own universe. They don't. This can be backed up by the fact that the vast majority of these people fail to quit their jobs and take up meditation in order to practice their psychic powers. At least Jesus Christ put his money where his mouth was.

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