The following is theoretical, please treat it as such.

The more generally accepted definition of a thought ball is a ball of energy created through the use of visualization that is intended to use psychic influence on another person. The typical method for creating a thought ball is as follows:

  1. Close your eyes and hold your hands about a foot apart with the palms facing each other.
  2. Imagine you are drawing in energy (or chi) from the universe and collecting it into a ball between your hands.
  3. Feel the energy as it moves through your body, and see the ball between your hands.
  4. The next step is to name the ball, and provide it with a mission. One preferred name is Lord Binky.
  5. When you give your thought ball its mission, be sure to use precise, non-colloquial language. Thought balls are not very smart and they take everything literally.
  6. Command your thought ball to now complete the mission you have given to it.
Another definition of thought ball involves human communication. In this sense, a thought ball is a unit of communication directed from one domesticated primate to another. The thought ball leaves the reality bubble of one domesticated primate, passes through the space-time continuum through either classical physics or quantum mechanics means and enters the reality bubble of another primate, where it is interpreted and processed. This may be either by normal, causal communication channels, or it may be through psychic phenomenon or synchronicity.

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