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another poem by me. i would like an opinion please.

i wonder at the distance between my self, the i inside
and the words that i say
i wonder at the distance between my words, the things i say
and the meaning that reaches you
i wonder how i can say one sentence, one short string
and how it is that you hear seven
i realise that i am intermittent, my eloquence is infrequent
and that i stutter and mumble
i realise that the choice of my words, the way i phrase
is so often misunderstood
i realise that you are deeper than i, that you impart
and that you understand more

this reduces me, breaks down the barriers
and the walls i've made
forces me to examine my true meanings
and how i really feel
convinces me to think deeper
to decide
suddenly i realise
it is you

you who i love
care for
you who i want
none other
you who i need
to heal
you who i know
will heal

i love you

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