Serving New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Akron, Chicago, and intermediate points

Amtrak train numbers: 40 and 41

Predecessor railroad train numbers: None

The New York-Chicago Broadway Limited was discontinued due to Amtrak budget cuts on September 10, 1995, its schedule between New York and Pittsburgh taken over by a train called the Three Rivers, with a connection possible in Pittsburgh with the Capitol Limited for service to Chicago. On November 10, 1996, the Three Rivers itself was extended to Chicago, mainly to avoid having to switch Amtrak freight cars to the Capitol Limited, although the Pittsburgh connection was still available for passengers who wanted to switch to a sleeping car for the overnight portion of the ride.

Sleeping cars were eventually added to the Three Rivers, but the Pittsburgh connection with the Capitol Limited is still advertised in the timetable for passengers who want a meal in a full dining car (the Three Rivers only has lounge car snack food).

Condensed historical timetables:

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(1997)  (2002)                    (2002)  (1997)
12:45P  12:50P Dp New York     Ar  7:20P   6:15P
 2:20P   3:00P    Philadelphia     5:25P   3:55P
11:10P  11:05P    Pittsburgh       8:36A   8:15A
 -----   1:59A    Akron            4:50A   -----
 7:50A   8:25A Ar Chicago      Dp  9:20P   9:20P

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