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So, you want to know how to make edible 3 minute noodles? It only takes about 5 minutes, after some practice.

- 3 minute noodles (Asian noodles are best. Forget generic western 'chicken flavour' mush! Go to your local Asian supermarket and pick up some ramen noodles for about 20c each. Or, just some generic noodle with a pretty picture on the front. Asian noodles tend to have a more pleasant consistency when cooked and a better taste.)
- sesame oil
- at least one breed of soy sauce (get the stuff for sushi/sashimi if you can afford it)
- some chilli sauce (either the sweet stuff or just some red stuff in a squeeze bottle)
- fresh lemons
These ingredients will last you long and well.

Optional ingredients include:
- bean sprouts
- very thinly sliced meat such as beef
- fresh chillis
- vegis like carrots, onions, beans etc

First minute: fill small pot 1/3 full with water and put it on the stove to heat. Then slice optional ingredients up small.
Second minute: Continue slicing optional ingredients
Third minute: Water should be boiling. Separate two packs of 3 minute noodles from their flavour sachets. Throw noodles and content of flavour sachets into water.
Forth minute: Add optional ingredients. Note: bean sprouts should go in at the end.
Fifth minute: Add soy and chilli till it smells nice and relax a bit. Note - make sure you don't overdo any of these ingredients. It's MUCH better to have too little than too much. Adding more later is no problem.
Last second: Add sesame oil to taste and squeeze in 1/2-1 lemon.
Remove from stove. Begin consuming. If it is too bland, add more soy and chilli. If it doesn't have enough tang, add more lemon juice.

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