One of the publications I regularly subscribe to, and have been subscribing to for over thirty years is Three-Piece Suit Magazine, put out by The Crandell Company in New York City. They are in the fashionable publishing area of that particular city.

What is it about? Lovely photographs of men wearing three-piece suits along with wonderful stories about men doing things in three-piece suits. There is always a centerfold that you can pull out. I used to keep a fresh one in my locker at the Straight White Men's Cultural Center in Baltiimore before the FBI raided the place and shot my friend and leader Brandon Hitler to death. They are very tasteful and the suits are beautiful.

You have a VAST array of Italian suits worn by very nice looking male models. There is one model with these massive, businessman hands and they get me every time. And the cut of his suits are gorgeous. I am telling you fellas. Gorgeous.

There are also American made suits that you can wear to your patriot meeting and feel good about yourself. I feel really, really good about myself when I wear a three-piece suit to a patriot meeting or rally. You wouldn't believe how really, really good you will feel about yourself if you go to one of those meetings or rallies in a three-piece suit. So good. You will feel that way, too. There are also other suits made in other places. You can look at the information and they tell you where you can go to be fitted for one. You want to be fitted for a really nice suit at least once every three months. If you can't afford to do so, jump off a bridge or grow up and get a job. Make money. It is the purpose of life. And then get a nice three-piece suit. You will get so many whores in your bed this way. They don't run away when you have your beautiful Italian suit on and a wad of cash the size of Denver in your massive, manly hands.

Subscribe today. Well worth it.

God bless.

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