The Thule Society was(is?) a secret society, founded by former members of the German Order in 1919. Rudolf von Serbottendorf was the man behind the forming of this new group, but he is lost in obscurity due to the prominence of other members of the Thule Society. The most famous of these infamous men would in all likelihood be Adolf Hitler.

The facts about the Thule Society are that they were an elitist society of about 2000 people, at least initially. Publicly, they were a German literature revivalist group. Behind closed doors the Thule Gesellschaft pursued extreme nationalism using occultism and their own racial mythology. In the pursuit of restoring the Aryan race to its perceived role of ruling the rest of the world, they helped Hitler to gain the power he needed for his eventual control of Germany. And Hitler brought many of his fellow members into the government, despite the apparent disdain he showed for secret lodges such as the Freemasons which he gained shortly after attaining power.

The core belief of the Thule Society revolved around Aryan superiority. They believed in a lost land called Thule, inhabited by a powerful Nordic race, the "Masters", the progenitors of the Germanic peoples. Their superiority was therefore hereditary, they were descendents of a master race, a forgotten people from an Atlantean Eutopia. They were continually prevented, however, from attaining their position and authority by the evil machinations of the cabal known as the Jews. This belief surely has to account for a large part of Hitler's obsession with anti-Semitism and genocide.

The inspiration for these beliefs seems to be traceable to Helena Blavatsky, who had been "trained" by the Holy Lamas themselves, and brought the so-called secrets of ancient Tibet to Europe. The Nazi movement is known for its interest in Tibet, sending expeditions to the land in search of knowledge. The swastika itself was one of Tibet's most mystical symbols.

The Thule Society was a secret order, by invitation only. New members were sworn to loyalty and secrecy. They met in secret, and mysticism was a heavy element in their meetings. They were strong opponents of Marxism and had their own vision of the worker's party. Their symbol was a dagger, pointed downward, with a curved swastika behind it. In fact, use of the swastika on the Nazi flag was suggested to Hitler by Dr. Friedrich Krohn, a member of the Thule Society.

The rumors about the Thule Society are many. It is rumored that they believed the world to be concave, accounting for the miscalculation of one of the early V-1 rockets. It is rumored that they believed the world to be hollow, and that Thule was actually on the inside of the world. It is rumored that Dietrich Eckart, Hitler's personal instructor in the beliefs and doctrine of the Thule Society, performed a number of horrible satanic and occult rituals with and on, Hitler. It is rumored that these included sex magic, making Hitler impotent, and further catalyzing his hatred for the world. It is rumored that Hitler escaped with the leaders of the Thule Society to the Antarctic with his secret military technology, including the secret of flying saucers, where he repelled assaults and still lives, preparing for another battle.

I love secret societies.

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