restarting to pray ...

Kissing a polished stone to leave my breath behind     talking in monologues
Some impressions I leave behind      and some leave me, (come close my eyes)

To draw in sand and not fear the storm      I'm learning,
regaining the faith after seeing a God change his religion in a shameless deception

(he stabbed me again and again in the back while I was leaning to kiss his palm, ...
there was blue blood and black bile ... and crimson tears I saw trickling down my lips,
I tasted a drop and have slept with the aftertaste each night since ...)

For a kiss from a stone, to heal my soul, this night I'm yearning.

light like bones of birds, the particles of dust caught in a flashlight's beam
falling upwards, I'm catching the raindrops in a cup of my palms, catching the dew drops in my eyelashes.

I've not slept under stars in so many years. Waking to chirping of the birds is so far in the past            last night I turned my tableclock off, and the ticking, to not feel the pace of time on my skin ...

This morning I sipped black tea while watching it rain, and heard a couple of children play.

Thursday is so far away ...

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