Tiberium is green chrystal growing from the ground and collected for resources in Command & Conquer and Tiberian Sun. Tiberium is highly hazardous for DNA, as 15% of it is still unknown substance. Tiberian Sun has also blue exploding Tiberium and Tiberium wastes. If you've ever seen realtime strategy game, you understand the main thing: it must be collected to build an army.

One FMV in Command & Conquer reveals the known constitution of Tiberium as:

22% Methane

19% Sulphur
12% Naphthalene
10% Argon
6% Isobutane
2% Xylene
29% unknown

In other words, Tiberium consists mainly of hydrocarbons. Just for you, I did a little research on these compounds, the chemical formulas, and therefore relative formula masses (in g/mol), of which are as follows:

Methane     CH4         16.0416

Sulphur S 32.06
Naphthalene C10H8 128.1632
Argon Ar 39.95
Isobutane C4H10 58.119
Xylene C6H6(CH3)2 108.1748

Multiplying each by their relative percentages and adding together, we see that one mole of Tiberium weighs, on average, 134.645772g plus the unknown 29%. That's quite a complex molecule, as is fitting for something like Tiberium which, despite its extra-terrestrial origins, is supposed to be somewhat plant-like. Indeed, Westwood did their research on this because the prevelence of carbon and hydrogen is just what one would expect in a biological entity.

The FMV also provides another set of data, although it's unclear what these are the compounds for. Let me know if you have any inspiration on this:

42.5%  Phosphor
32.5%  Iron
15.25% Calcium
 5.75% Copper

2.5% Silica 11.5% Unknown

As mentioned above, Tiberian Sun introduced blue Tiberium, but no such data is available for this. It does seem to be worth more, and is explosive, so I would be interested to hear any estimates for its content.

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