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The third in Rankin-Bass' triumvirate of thematic super-hero shows, including Thundercats and Silverhawks. Lasting only a season, it wasn't even a standalone show, being forced to share its slot with three other low-rated shows as part of The Comic Strip.

In Tiger Sharks, the heroes fight crime from their underwater vessel, the Sark, equipped with the amazing Fish Tank, which transformed humans to super-powered marine creatures and back again. Answering the call of justice:

  • Mako-- razor-finned "combat-commander" of the bunch, Mako serves as PR man, as well as a formidable ally.
  • Bronc-- Young and adventurous, Bronc is still given much responsibility in the Tiger Sharks
  • Dolph-- The prankster of the group, Dolph can be serious when the job calls for it. Due to his dolphin-like nature, he must surface in order to breathe (unlike the other Tiger Sharks).
  • Octavia-- The multi-armed tactician and pilot of the nearly indestructible SARK.
  • Lorka-- The strongest Tiger Shark, and also the quietest. Subtle hints lead one to believe that Lorka was a whale first, and a human second.
  • Walro-- Genius inventor of the Fish Tank, he also serves as the leader of the Tiger Sharks. Without his inventions, the Tiger Sharks would surely be overwhelmed.
  • Angel-- Youngest of the Tiger Sharks, she is small, but quick and often given jobs that no one else can complete.

Though the series had very little time to develop, there were a couple of recurring villains - most notably Captain Bizzarly and T-Ray

All in all, it was not a very original show - most of the creative juices apparently spent on three seasons of Thundercats, but interesting for historical reasons.

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