Tim Reynolds was born in Wiesbaden, Germany to a devoutly religious soldier and his wife. He spent much of his childhood on the move, from Alaska to St. Louis, MO and through the midwest. Tim began his love for music when he picked up a bass guitar at the age of 12. He began playing at his church three times a week until he graduated from high school. Tired of the strictness of the pious life, Tim dove into jazz and psychodelic rock. At 18 he left home to join a group of experimental musicians. Eventually he settled in Charlottesville, Virginia.

In Charlottesville he would form TR3, which was a trio Reynolds used to explore not only the guitar and bass, but also the djembe, violin, mandolin and the 12 string guitar. He appears on almost every Dave Matthews Band album as the pair go back to Charlottesville together. Tim Reynolds is a master of the acoustic guitar. He has amazing chops and blinding speed on the fretboard. Tim usually plays acoustic on his solo and DMB recordings, and electric on his TR3 recordings. He is definitely worth checking out if you're a guitar player, or enjoy the sounds of a well played acoustic guitar. He chose not to be a full-time member of DMB to be able to explore his musical creativity better and not be tied down in just one project. Tim currently resides in New Mexico.

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Compilation - Dear Charlottesville

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Secrets - Nine Sharp

Sticks & Stones - Face of Sand

TR3 - TR3

Sticks and Stones - A Collection of Spontaneous Improvisations

Cosmology - Word from the Underground

Booyakasha, Respect

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