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The latest couple to use lawsuits to make a quick buck. This couple lives with their 6 year old daughter in El Paso, Texas where they are seeking 1.5 million dollars and unlimited therapy for their daughter from Fujifilm for mixing up the film of their family vacation with pornographic pictures. The suit claims that the companies engaged in extreme, outrageous and reckless conduct and that the Kelleys have incurred "severe emotional distress which was caused by defendants' conduct."

To me, there's a lot wrong with this. First and foremost, who doesn't check their film before they leave the store, it's just comon sense. Second of all, the only picture the girl supposedly saw, according to the family, was that of an erect penis. I'm the son of a child psychologist, I grew up on psychology, and I can't see how a 6 year old viewing a photograph of an erect penis is worth 1.5 million plus therapy. Kelley insists she hasn't filed the suit to "make a quick buck," but said it was the only way to send a "wakeup call" to the film processing industry. All I can say is, "What the hell?"

The parents are saying that she now has post-traumatic stress disorder and dissociativeidentity disorder features, brought on by seeing the penis after having been molested three years previous. The molestation in question was inappropriate touching above the waist, and the man, Jose Quintana spent 5 months in jail. I feel very sorry for the little girl, who probably does need therapy to get by her past molestation, but for her parents to sit her in the middle of a legal battle so they can get her free therapy, that's horrible. Especially over something so common place. Some zit-faced little cretin in the photo hut is too busy trying to find a good page in Cosmo to pay attention to the envelopes and the wrong film gets to the wrong person.

Fujifilm offered to settle the case for an undisclosed amount, but the offer was refused.

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