Timmy Mallet, real name Timmy Mallet (honestly), is the perpetrator of some truly hideous crimes against Fashion, Music, Spectacles and Broadcasting. Looking like the product of an evening where Bridget Riley, Jackson Pollock, Gerry Anderson and Stephen King got together and genetically engineered an extra from a bad Australian soap, Timmy Mallet was the comedy genius behind:

Timmy has also appeared as a judge on Channel 4's Watercolour Challenge, now runs a successful production company (Brilliant TV), and unsurprisingly can often be seen in pantomime. He's now following in the footsteps of Zippy from Rainbow, Keith and Orville and the School Disco tour in reviving all things 80s - appearing in a night club near you, sooner than you think. Who'd have thought something as innocent as the Wacawave could be hideously contorted to become Wacatits? Another childhood moment ruined.

If you still don't know who he is, don't worry, it's probably a good thing(™). If you do want to know more, he has a home page at www.brillianttv.co.uk which you can visit if you dare (but the colour scheme matches his dress sense).

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