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Timothy Olyphant is an actor whom I know from his role as Todd Gaines in the movie Go which is pretty much my favourite movie of all time, at the moment. He was born in Hawaii on May 20th, in 1968. Before he turned to acting he was a fanatical swimmer, and he made the US Nation Finals in the 200 Individual Medley.

Todd Gaines is a peculiar-eyed drug dealer with radical, hedgehog hair, with that sort of shirtless, relaxed, masculine poise, who wears a Santa hat and listens to trance and rave music very very loud on his (understandably) expensive stereo, with a bit of disorder around his apartment and dimmed lights. He’s open and brash and seemingly ruthless, and I find him fucking attractive (to the extent that that expletive became necessary, yes) despite the fact he answers the common telephone question “Whats up?” with “Oh I’m just licking my dick, what’s up with you?”. In the end we see him not as just this criminal who almost shoots a girl who jips him, without hearing her story.. but as a guy who actually feels awful when he realises (or thinks) Ronna dies when she gets hit by stupid stupid Scott Wolf’s car, and who is the first ‘non fake person’ Katie Holmes’ character has met. He’s jesus god funny.

That’s about the extent of what I actually know about Timothy Olyphant himself, except that I was flattened when I learned he was married..grr. And now, here’s his


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