A tasty ice cream treat.

What you need:
A Large (trust me on this) Bowl or Sundae Glass
An Ice Cream Scooper
A couple of Long Handle Spoons

Ice Cream (store bought or homemade - you pick the flavor)
Powdered Malt (the more the better)
Hot Fudge
Whipped Cream (preferably fresh but in a pinch Redi Whip will do nicely)
Maraschino Cherries and/or Chopped Nuts

What to do:
Place 3 scoops (at a minimum if you plan to share) of Ice Cream in the Sundae dish.
Pour on the Hot Fudge.
Dust with Malt Powder.
Place a dollop of Whipped Cream on top and furnish the pinnacle with a well placed Maraschino Cherry and/or a sprinkling of nuts.

Break out those long handle spoons and eat up.

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