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Tipton is a small town of about 8,000 citizens in Tipton County, Indiana.

The layout of Tipton is based on the north-south State Road 19, which takes a jog to the East going North, and State Road 28, the east-west road on which it jogs. The downtown area is centered around the courthouse, which occupies the square with 28 on the north side and 19 on the west side. The uptown business area is to the east on 28.

The pre-eminent parts of the city are as follows: The city has it's own hospital, south of the square on the west side of 19. Across from the hospital are the connected Washington Elementary School and Tipton High School. Across from the high school and north of the hospital are the slides, buildings and trees of the expansive city park, which meets the pool at a pedestrian bridge across the creek, Tipton's only body of water. Onward - In the city square is the courthouse, which is home to most of the local government functions. On the south side of the square is the Tipton County Public Library, which has an unusually large selection for the size of the town. On the north, west and east sides of the square are businesses, some local and some larger, like the National City Bank. But all the coffeeshops and cafes in the area are locally owned; staggeringly, there is no Starbucks. (Yet!) Continuing east on 28, and following the jog of 19, there are more businesses and some houses, until you reach the intersection (one of only three stoplights in the city) where 19 goes north again. Continuing east on 28 is the business area - chain restaurants, a large car dealership, stores, a few banks, and scattered gas stations.

I should note that while I did not really live in Tipton, I did attend the high school. As an old farm town, this place is all right; but if you spend any significant time here, you'll realize that this place is about a small farm town trying to pretend it's not a small farm town by adding an uptown area. The 'cool' kids, or rather the stupid pricks, hang out at the Village Pantry, or sometimes around the courthouse. That's right, the VP is the hangout here. It's not surprising, because there just isn't anywhere here worth being! I note that there are a few exceptions in terms of local restaurants, and that our library is very impressive for the size of the town.

Some of the popular chain-less stores and restaurants are:

  1. The South Pole, an ice cream shop and snack bar, very popular in the summer
  2. The Tin Cup, a very small but nice coffee shop
  3. Jim Dandy's- A hometown restaurant but very nice, has been replicated elsewhere
  4. Main Moon- Tipton's own Chinese takeout and dining (no buffet); tryy the General Tso's Chicken
  5. Pizza Shack- A very large pizza establishment, well-liked by everyone (The Tostada Pizza is excellent)
Chain stores and restaurants:
  1. Taco Bell/KFC (Combined)
  2. Pizza Hut
  3. Marsh
  4. Alco
  5. Burger King
  6. McDonald's Diner (The first one)
  7. Dairy Queen
  8. Pizza King
  9. National City Bank
  10. Star Financial Bank
  11. Subway
  12. Coast-To-Coast

Tipton is not without its flings; Check around every year for the 4-H fair as well as Tipton's very own Pork Festival.

Nearby towns: Tipton lies in the midst of a few other notable towns; Elwood lies to the east, on State Road 28; Atlanta lies to the south, on 19, and has its own party, The New Earth Festival; farther south are Arcadia, Cicero, and Noblesville.

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