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I turned sixty.
Before that, I quit wearing bras.

I am tired of that stupid band around my chest
Impeding my breathing.
I wear tank tops instead.

Now I am sixty.

I am middle aged.

Middle aged? Asks my guy.
How long do you plan to live?

Well, the current plan is 120+.
It is because of my patients.
The seventy somethings would say
I am old.
I would say
Not in my practice.
In my practice, you are not old
Until you are ninety.
I have had five people at once
Who were over 100
And two 104 year olds.
They are the oldest so far.
So seventy is merely middle aged
And ninety is a lot older than seventy.
Every patient
Even if they were sick as snot
Even if they were unlikely to see ninety
Even if they had active bad cancer
Had a moment
A look in their eyes
Where they were young

They were only middle aged
Those ninety year olds are way older
Than seventy two
Then seventy eight.
They still have ten years
Or twenty
Before they are old.
So now I am sixty
Middle aged
And I stop wearing the tank tops
Under my t-shirts.
If they stare at my tits
Who cares?
I can always ask
If they particularly like
Sixty year old tits
And watch the expression of horror
On the faces of the younger men


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