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From: The Thorough Good Cook

Fish: 25. To Dress a Turbot with Capers.

Having washed and dried a small turbot well, put into a stew-pan some thyme, parsley, sweet herbs, and an onion sliced. Then lay the turbot in a stew-pan, which should be just large enough to hold it, and strew over the fish the same herbs that are under it, with some chives and sweet basil. Then pour in an equal quantity of white wine and white-wine vinegar, till the fish is covered. Stew in a little bay-salt with some whole pepper, and set the stew-pan over a gentle stove, increasing the heat by degrees till the fish is done. Then take it off the fire, but do not take out the turbot. Set a saucepan on the fire with a pound of butter, two anchovies split, boned, and washed, two tablespoonfuls of capers cut small, some whole chives, pepper, salt, grated nutmeg, a little flour, a spoonful of vinegar, and a small quantity of water; keep shaking the saucepan round for some time. Having then put on the turbot to make it hot, place it in a dish and pour some of the sauce over it. Lay horseradish round it, and pour what sauce remains into a boat.

In the same way you may dress soles, flounders, large plaice, or dabs.

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