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You'll notice a lot of Portishead's music plays like the soundtrack to a generic spy movie. Well, this is a purposeful effect-- Geoff Barrow loves spy movies and draws a lot of inspiration from them. And so when he began making the Dummy album, he decided what he really, really wanted to do was get some of his music onto the soundtrack to a spy movie. Unfortunately there weren't any spy movies in development at the time.

So he made his own.

The movie that resulted was "To Kill a Dead Man". It stars members of Portishead, is ten minutes long, and is supposedly really really creeped up.

If you look on the back of Dummy, you'll notice a little movie poster type thing in the corner of the back of the case featuring the words "TO KILL A DEAD MAN.. from an original idea by PORTISHEAD". Ever wonder what that refers to? Well, now you know.

A partial version of the To Kill a Dead Man score is on the glorytimes compilation.

For more information look around for the Portishead FAQ.

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