Awoke suddenly this morning, as I have lately. My dream seemed to be most extreme right before consciousness took over, as if to remember it better.

I note that these intense dreams, occurring right before the moment my eyes widen, have been the case for approximately the last six months but especially towards the end of October. They have grown increasingly torrid and I am compelled to document them. Some days, or nights, they're just words someone's talking at me. It's not my own voice, the one I am used to hearing, but I have heard it before, many, many times. I cannot tell its gender and there is no whisper; it's commanding, royal, majestic...beautiful.

This is just a feeble attempt from that memory, some hours later. 12:45, afternoon Resh. I visualize myself as Ahathor and align myself with the Aevum Aeternus, A.'.A.'., repeating the ritual in my mind, even as I write, unlocking the vertical channel...

Before my eyes were opened I felt their movement beneath the lids. I stirred a little to rise. In the toss I witnessed a flash and lived long into it. No negative feelings of any kind, just peace, beauty, truth. I saw the self of myself. I became smaller, and smaller the smaller; shrinking inconceivably bantam and wondering about my entangled mother. Then I blew myself up, monstrously large. It sounds very "Alice in Wonderland" (ego response, i can tell by the tone). My largeness became so massive that I visualized all the galaxies within the visually-known universe and they were as specs of dust in a ray of sunlight, except that nothing was moving, yet. All had been freeze framed. It registered to me that these spots with their varying degree of brightness against the deep, black, space were pieces of information stored in a capsule, a cell. I did a 360 about this image, looking at it from all angles. It was cylindrical, mitochondrial, transparent and I was peering through it. The ends were pinched and I did not see why for, at the time. But time itself was at a standstill for the capsule as she stored it. Not for me though, nor for my universe within. I was the examiner turning the image and reading it as fingers would a globe. I was the initiator and released my grip along with pent up energy. GO!

The information was sent. The universe was sent.

A flood of images, memories, experiences, stored neatly in my brain are now recollected. Just words here, a circuit, a cable, a current. Nanotechnology comes to mind also. About six months ago a milestone was achieved, the first lab-created synthetic cell, and they were able to encode it. It makes me want to believe it's ALL encoded

The universe was sent, and it was sent as a message. All the light inside took off. It wooshed, it squished, it went, flattening into lines that signified movement within the chamber. I watched and admired my work as I watched. It shot to the other side in a slow motion that is light-speed. Approaching the end the lines collapsed together into a pinpoint, a collective singularity.

(The concept came in a transmission last year of the collective singularity through 'time emit' which manifested itself repeatedly and which condensed itself into a balanced acrostic:


Time Emit, Who are you?
I am noun as verb
And number as letter
I am thought as action
And sense as emotion
Unity as neither here nor there
And everywhere
I am anywhere and nowhere
At the point of one
In betwixt zero and two
The collective singularity

The cell divided. I saw then, another capsule, linked to that one. The singularity, as it happened, was only as TIME-MEIOSIS. And I stood myself back further to get a better view. The scene was more like links of sausages now that could be folded indefinitely. The information was suddenly in the next casing but that next was only the very next in a great chain. My eyes were opening. I started to realize the impact of the vision. The universe is moving. The universe is traveling like data along an optical cable, only better, quantumly better.

recalling: short stanza Oct. 22, 2010)

Yesterday takes Tomorrow
ad incrementum
annihilation is their union
ad incrementum
TIMEIOSIS, foursquare haploid Present
EMITOSIS, division e-cellular
Time-life cycle of the E-ONs
Across the skin of space
by the rhetoric of biology
the womb of forever in
Chrono-genetic entanglement

The floods return as I recall this recalling, like the ones I get while I am driving on a road at night sighting busy streets, city skyscrapers, power lines. I've often likened the universe to a motherboard with the available circuitry of the mind before. But none seemed so clear as this one, and this one is ever so dimly lit. Attempting to put this faint vision into a set of words feels so far, SO FAR, even from hopeless.

But, I'll not feel the slightest remorse for this frailty, nor excuse it, because it is the only way. If I can relive a previous instance, even for a split second, however removed, even the time spent writing this is warranted and just. Consider the synapse; If you can trade space for a moment, a memory; the gaps as they are merely just pass-throughs and they are preserved even when without. This is just a temporary lapse but is the preservation of the Soul.

Tues, Nov. 23, 2010.
Sol in Sag
Luna in Gem @ nadir

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