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To go out on the pull denotes going out, usually to a club, bar or pub, with the intention of convincing someone to be intimate with you in that way we all know and love.

The process usually begins with lots of time spent in front of the mirror at home to make sure you look spiffy, followed by consuming copious amounts of alcohol. Once enough preening and alcohol drinking has been done to ensure your self esteem level is quite high, the actual pulling can begin.

The pulling process itself often starts with a scope of the crowd. When that special someone is spotted, trying to make eye contact tends to be the first line of attack. Once eye contact is made and postive vibes are flowing the lame pick up lines can begin. After some time spent talking about meaningless and often boring topics the physical contact can begin hopefully leading to a satisfying evening for all.

That is, until you wake up the next morning, roll over and see the result of your actions in the harsh light of day!

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