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Catchphrase from The Honeymooners. Ralph, in his inevitable go-ballistic part of an episode, would threaten to let his fists do the talking ("Bang! Zoom! To the moon, Alice!") when his wife got the best of him in their verbal jousts. Funny in its day (the threats were hollow, and Jackie Gleason turned anger into aria), but it has its dark side now. In an SNL sketch, George Wendt's Ralph took it to one logical end, decking Alice. As many real-life Ralphs have done.

The words had a dark side, but the relationship between Alice and Ralph was portrayed with genuine affection. There was a lot of real brutality going on behind closed doors at the time, and most was overlooked.

The Alice role was pretty advanced, for 10 years pre-feminism. She remained logical and mostly calm.... compared to Lucy Arnez at least.

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