Toad Suck Daze is a festival in Conway, Arkansas, held on the first weekend in May. You may wonder why it has such an odd name (or you may not, but just follow me here, okay?).

There is a lock and dam just west of Conway called, appropriately, Toad Suck lock and dam. The legend is that there used to be a tavern on the Arkansas River right where that lock and dam is. The locals say that the ferry workers would stop there for the night and suck on the bottle until they swelled up like toads. Thus the name (hey, I know it's lame, but apparently the locals weren't so imaginitive).

So now every spring people in Conway celebrate the legacy of a bunch of alcoholics (which is even more humorous considering Conway is in a dry county and you can't even buy alcohol there anymore). It's actually not a bad little fair, especially if you have small children.

On a side note, my sister wore a Toad Suck Daze shirt to school when we lived in Nebraska and they sent her home because they thought it was obscene.

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