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This time the context-free numbers tell us that 43%
 of children in American homes are exposed to
environmental cigarette smoke. The statistics also
tell us that this exposure will increase the rate of
respiratory illness among these kids, including
bronchitis pneumonia, and asthma.

Further, we hear of the even more extreme cases of
children ingesting cigarette butts. A 1995 report
put out by the American Association of Poison Control
Centers tells us that there is sufficient nicotine
in a butt to kill a child less than or equal to
6 years of age.
I am not going to refute the above facts, since this is not a smoking or a health issue really. The problem here is fucking stupid parents. (see daz eddy's writeup on why i hate smokers).

While it is nearing the realm of child abuse (esp. with kids who are predisposed to respiratory difficulty), this is just more of the anti-smoking propaganda, and again, there are much more severe problems.

They don't sell Disney merchandise with the warning on it: "This shit screws up your kid's head."
They don't sell McDonald's shit with the warning on it: "Your kid probably shouldn't be eating this crap."
They don't put warnings on pregnancy tests: "Unless you're absolutely sure that you want to have a child, please abort it as the world needs no more fucked up people."

Saying that smoking per se is the cause of these problems is like saying that the baseball bat is responsible for Dad smashing Mom's teeth.

stupid people should not have children.

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