Second full length album from Polvo, released in 1993 on Merge Records. Quite possibly their best album; certainly their most innovative. Loads of weird guitar chunks and indecipherable inscrutable lyrics. The first song, Thermal Treasure, is probably the best song Polvo ever wrote; the melody will stick in your head forever despite the fact that you can't figure how they made those noises.

The original release of the album featured a seven-headed lion on the cover. It was, unfortunately, taken from a Jehovah's Witness tract without any sort of permission. Polvo and Merge were sued, and the record was out of print for a while. Thankfully, it was finally rereleased, albeit without the artwork.

Track Listing:
1. Thermal Treasure
2. Lazy Comet
3. My Kimono
4. Sure Shot
5. Stinger (Five Wigs)
6. Tilebreaker
7. Shiska
8. Time Isn't on My Side
9. Action Vs. Vibe
10. Gemini Cusp

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