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Tom Marshall programs computers for an insurance company as a day job. In his spare time, he writes lyrics for Phish. Or more specifically he writes lyrics with Trey Anastasio of Phish.

He also has his own band called Amfibian and lives in New Jersey.

I met Tom one afternoon in a bar in Prague. He was there with Trey and the guy who filmed Bittersweet Motel for the band, um... oh yeah his name is... um... Todd Philips.

Tom was hassaling with some guy about buying some hash, and I said I had some, and he says, "sit down." We ended up talking and smoking a round, while drinking a beer. He asked me if I write and told me to keep track of it. I traded him a gram of hash for a guest pass to the Phish show the next night.

He's real taLL.

I ran into him again 2 years latter in Camden, New Jersey at a Phish show. He didn't remrmber me.

I think his lyrics are getting better as the years go by. In the past he wrote rhymy nonsense stuff, now he's writing more along the lines of Robert Hunter. For an example see "Bug."

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