A German director, made famous in America by Lola Rennt, which become a sort-of cult classic immediately upon release. His films tend to use the mutability of time as a major plot device.

Some other curious facts about this guy: He's now dating Franka Potente, the star of his movie, "Lola rennt," since they met on the set. They even sound like a couple on the directory/main actor commentary on the DVD. His name is pronounced "Tick-ver."

He was a directory for the following movies: (He has also worked as a composer and a producer for several of these films).

  1. Heaven (2001)
  2. Der Krieger und die Kaiserin (2000) (The Princess and the Warrior)
  3. Lola rennt (1998) (Run Lola Run)
  4. Winterschläfer (1997) (Winter Sleepers)
  5. Die Tödliche Maria (1994) (Deadly Maria)
  6. Epilog (1992)
  7. Because (1990)

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