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A show that was once kind of cool, or at least interesting. But at some point in the 80s it was cryogenically frozen. Today it is presented by muppets who clearly have no clue as to what they are talking about, in an eyewatering blue and pink set (spot the token iMac - Crap Beacon) on a shoestring budget. Whereas in the 1960's and 70's it reported on awesome leaps in technology (the space shuttle, the CD, industrial robotics) it now almost always consists of arse-clenchingly dull and ill-informed biotech and medical drivel, or the amazing development of a new type of trowel. Or ways to tag or process fish (they always have this). And to pad out the woefully tedious lack of content, they always have some poor bastard doing (task X) the "traditional" way vs. a mechanised version. (eg, a man with a small wire brush vs. an industrial sand blaster) Well, wow. That is amazingly informative. This programme, along with the Black and White Minstrel Show, is reason enough to shut down the BBC.

This long running BBC TV science programme has catered for retards since the revamp a few years ago. I wouldn't trust Peter Snow to demonstrate the door handle. I also find the the explanation of technology never goes further than, "It's all done by boffins with computers"

Current Presenters are:- Philippa Forrester Peter Snow Anya Sitaram Jez Nelson

Past Presenters include:-

Judith Hann Raymond Baxter Michael Rodd Maggie Philbin Update 2006 As much as I criticised its last series, I do miss this programme.

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