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Tony Smart (Neil Morrisey) is the second roommate of Gary Strang (Martin Clunes)in the hit TV series Men Behaving Badly. He is probably the most loved of all the characters on the show. The reason for this is his Homer Simpson like dopeyness and sensitivity. Everyone at some point has known a Tony, they are the lovable doofuses that keep us going, even if they occasionally sing Bohemian Rhapsody so badly we have to throw cutlery at them.

Tony moved in with Gary after Dermot (roommate number one) left. Although it is clamed that Gary only met him through advertising in a local paper, a later flashback implies they were actually at school together. Tony used to own a music business and still would if it hadn’t collapsed, (high winds blew the stall down). Gary decided that anyone in the music business must be cool and accepted him. This did turn out to be something of a financial mistake as Tony has yet to make single payment of rent.

For the entire time he has lived in the flat Tony has been in love with the occupier of the floor above, Debs. He is unfortunately a typical bloke, much given to sexist comments and so is not taken very seriously by Debs. Once, when Tony believed that she might be having a lesbian affair he piled all the furniture in the kitchen and balanced on top listening through the ceiling using a glass. He did hear heavy panting, but that turned out to be him. In the final series Tony finally got his wish and went out with Debs.

Tony is very gullible. Once, whilst watching TV waiting for a pizza the rest of the cast tricked him first into dressing up as Braveheart using only the things he could find in his bedroom, (“I’d even made old fashioned Scottish boots out of jumpers and string!), and then playing hide and seek, where he hid in, then fell out of a cupboard, then hid in the water tank and nearly drowned. He was quite upset when he discovered they had been tricking him, (“I feel foolish now.”)

Tony is a bloke, he drinks too much, he smokes too much, he throws up too much and is perpetually unemployed. But he’s happy with his life and his friends, he needs Gary, he once slept with Dorothy (Gary’s long term girlfriend), he is now going out with Debs and owns the old urinals from the local pub, The Crown.

He once travelled around Europe and grew a beard. Whilst there he did not pick up a French bird and watch her taking her skirt off in his car, but he did meet one who had so much hair under her arms that she had put it in a bun.

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