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Tooms was a fictional character who appeared in two episodes of the X-Files. He was a genetic mutant who, every thirty years, emerged from hibernation and killed five people, leaving no apparent entry and exit point in the room. He also stole small personal effects from each victim, which he kept in his den. He was capable of stretching his body and fitting through the smallest of holes. He was killed by an escalator.

The X-files

Tooms (a.k.a. Squeeze 2)
Episode: 1X20
First aired:4/22/94
Written by: Glen Morgan and James Wong
Directed by: David Nutter

Eugene Victor Tooms (see Squeeze), the genetic mutant who, every 30 years kills five people for their livers, is in a sanitarium and is now up for parole. Tooms's psychiatrist tells the hearing that Tooms has been rehabilitated and is no danger to society. Mulder testifies as well but alarms the court with his idea that Tooms is over 100 years old. Tooms is released and stays with a foster family.

Scully meets with Skinner who warns her to act by the book as the Cigarette-Smoking Man watches.

Scully with help from the old detective finds the remains of Toom's victim from 60 years ago.

Mulder follows Tooms and stops a murder attempt as Tooms flees through a barred window. Scully wants to help but Mulder is unsure fearing that the X-files may be shut down and ruin Scully's career. Scully insists that she keep watch and Mulder go home to rest.

Toom's enters Mulder's appartment while he is asleep, takes Mulder's shoe, and beats himself up marking Mulder's shoe print on his face. Tooms tells the authorities that Mulder beat him up and Mulder is forbidden to come near Tooms.

Scully examines the skeleton from 60 years ago and finds Toom's teeth marks on the bones. Toom's psychiatrist stops to talk to Tooms and is killed and becomes Toom's final victim.

Mulder and Scully find the body and track Tooms to his home where he would begin his hibernation. The rundown apartment has since been turned into a shopping mall. Mulder finds the nest underneath an escalator. He confronts Tooms who is killed when the escalator is turned on.

Skinner reads Mulder and Scully's report and asks CSM if he believed in it, and he responds, "Of course I do" -- the first time he has spoken in the series.

Important Quotes:
Skinner -- "Are you suggesting that Agent Mulder obstructs you from proper procedure?"
Scully -- "No, sir. If anything, I'm suggesting that these cases be reviewed with... an open mind."
Skinner -- "Maybe your mind has become too open."

Mulder -- "You think they would have taken me more seriously if I wore the grey suit?"

Mulder -- "Look, Scully, if you're resistant because you don't believe, I'll respect that. But if you're resistant because of some bureaucratic pressure, they've not only reeled you in. They've already skinned you."

Scully (in the car)-- "Mulder, it’s getting a bit ripe in here, don’t you think?"
(Mulder reaches over into the glove compartment, pulls out an air freshener, and tears off the wrapper. He holds it up.)
Mulder -- "Pine-scented."
Scully -- "Ooh!"

Mulder -- "They’re out to put an end to the X-Files, Scully. I don’t know why, but any excuse will do. Now, I don’t really care about my record, but you’d be in trouble just for sitting in this car and I’d hate to see you to carry an official reprimand in your file because of me."
Scully -- "Fox..."
(Mulder laughs. Scully looks at him.)
Mulder -- "And I... I even made my parents call me Mulder. So... Mulder."
Scully -- "Mulder, I wouldn’t put myself on the line for anybody but you."
Mulder -- "If there’s an ice tea in that bag, could be love."
Scully -- "Must be fate, Mulder. Root beer."

Skinner -- "Do you believe them?"
Cigarette-Smoking Man -- "Of course I do."

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