A 1984 movie starring Val Kilmer as Nick Rivers, an Elvis Presley-like singer who travels to East Germany at some indeterminate time (it's sort of like the 1950's, but not quite.) Rivers is scheduled to perform at an East German cultural festival but gets involved with the French Resistance(!) and needs to rescue a brilliant scientist. Of course if you're going to watch Top Secret!, it's not going to be for the plot, but rather for the silly and mindless humor.

For example:

Omar Sharif: Excuse me, but you dropped your fake dog poo.
Spymaster: What fake dog poo?

Flunky: Should I bring out the Leroy Neimann prints?
Sadistic German: No! We can't risk violating the Geneva Convention.

Waiter: (German gibberish)
Nick: I'm sorry, I don't know any German.
Hillary: I know a little German. He's sitting over there.

This is not overly intellectual fare.

The movie was written and produced by Jim Abrahams and the Zucker Brothers, the same people that brought (inflicted?) Airplane!, Naked Gun and The Kentucky Fried Movie to the world.

The soundtrack is fantastic. It also happens to be my most obscure album.

The soundtrack track listing is:

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