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Controversial "outpouring of God" that began in 1994 at a church now known as Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, in Etobicoke. It was still known in '94 as Toronto Vineyard Christian Fellowship; the subsequent notoriety led to a friendly parting of the ways with the Association of Vineyard Churches, IIRC.

Called "the laughing revival": a noticeable (and widely-reported) trait of it was mass laughter, but people over the years have reacted in other ways, too - weeping, wails, animal sounds (controversial!), dancing, etc. Perhaps too much attention has been paid to the oddity and not enough to the content. ("By their fruits you shall know them" - Matt 7:16).

A more recent phenomenon has been that of dental fillings turning to gold, akin to the experiences of some pilgrims to Medjugorje having the metal in their Rosaries turn gold.

Your mileage may vary.

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