For those of you with infinite willpower...

General information:

Week 1 (Sunday through Saturday):
Eat all fruits and vegetables -- as much as you want. Only eat fruit before noon -- after that, eat only vegetables. Vegetables do not include kidney beans or potatoes. If you make a stir-fry of vegetables, only use a non-stick spray in the pan.

Week 2:
Drop fruit to one serving per day. Add one serving of a carbohydrate which would include 1/2 cup dry oatmeal with water added to have the consistency that you like, 1 cup cooked brown rice, small baked potato, or a small baked yam. Do not eat bread, muffins, or pasta for your carb choice. Add one serving of protein. A protein serving could be a can of tuna, 4-6 oz chicken breast, 6-8 oz portion of fish, or 6-8 egg whites. Continue with the vegetables -- at least 1 lb per day. An easy way to get in a pound of vegetables is to buy them frozen in one pound bags. Avoid carrots -- they have higher sugar content.

Week 3:

  • No fruit.
  • 4 protein servings per day.
  • 2 carbohydrate servings per day.
  • 1 pound of vegetables per day.

Week 4:
Repeat Week 3.

Week 5:
Repeat Week 3 but add in one cheat meal on Saturday for lunch. This can be anything you want it to be -- pizza, spaghetti, etc. Do not eat dessert or fried food.

Week 6:
Repeat Week 5.

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