Depending on your point of view and tolerance for such latter-day freak shows, either the apex or nadir of the 'reality TV' phenomenon. Touch the Truck ran for a week on England's horrendous Channel 5, a channel already renowned for running porn whenever there's a gap in the schedules and never making anything on a budget of over £50. Apparently the programme had also run in America beforehand.

The programme was presented by minor celebrity Dale Winton ensuring kitsch cult status in the future. The basic premise was that a number of contestants would stand touching a truck for 5 continuous days. The last person remaining, still touching the truck, at the end of that time would win the truck. In addition, there was to be no sleeping for the entire 5-day period. On paper, you might think this doesn't sound like the most riveting television, and you'd be right. However, the show succeeded through cunning use of hype from the British Medical Association which issued a warning that keeping people awake for so long was life-threatening, and through entertaining incidents such as one woman who threatened to urinate where she stood if she wasn't allowed to use the toilet immediately.

Apparently, on the American version, one man won 14 trucks this way. You really have to wonder for his sanity.

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