her eyes had taken to closing so often lately, she'd not notice a day falling away to early sun, or passing curious glances. a moment to take in the little things that fed her breath seemed far too much anymore, and so she had not spoken for some time, to anyone. he had tried to show her, to tell her that the mind's fingers can wrap around a moment and hold it, forever, that he could only live in her eyes but it somehow seemed more than enough. she listened intently, or it had seemed as such, but then she closed her eyes and forgot everything again. she closed her eyes and fell back to the place she'd never wanted to leave. she closed her eyes to live and to die, or wait for it, but she never thought of it in such a way.

curled up inside of herself she'd rest beside a window or, cornered in darkness amidst the tangled material of what was before, before now and sometimes i think she wished that she did not know that her simply being was lost to most everyone. he'd sit and stare at her fading figure, his eyes would fall each time her gaze seemed almost too vacant, she was so far away from him those times, farther then he cared to believe or accept. he remembered the last time she'd let a word slip past delicate lips, it had been too real. the blood that spilled from her tongue and slid down pale skin.. he had not wondered at its presence, or tried to wipe it away. instead he let the red mix with tears and watched his own fingers trail over her neck to feel, just to know that he could feel any part of her like that.

her lips had lost colour now and eyes, well, sometimes he could see her thoughts there. beneath stars and sliced moons, he would pray to something, or someone, he could scarcely place faith in. most times he'd ask only that he could see as she did, with closed eyes, lost, even if briefly, to all of the things, the moments that hold a person to this world.

once he had watched her, sleeping or just, being as she so often was, hidden beneath eyelids, her hands resting in her lap, her head dropped only slightly. she'd looked up at him suddenly through the softly lit room, the moonlight seemed to spill around her and he saw in her eyes a glow, a light, he thought it may have been soul, or the thing that kept her from him. she had slipped away again almost as suddenly, and he could not help but sit a little closer, stare more intently.. drawn toward such an impossible light as would bless and curse him all at once. she belonged to everything that he could never be.

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