At the moment in Finland is estimated to be at least 21 500 km of streets and over 220 000 km of roads.
There are bit over 5.1 million people with over 2,5 million vehicles in here and with Finnish attitude it's quite easy to see how it's possible to have almost 300 kills on the road... However the amount of kills has been radically reduced from the beginning of seventies due speed limits and better cars.

Speed limit is usually 80 km/h but on highways it can be even 120 km/h. In population centers it's only 50.
At the winter time, from november to april, speed limits are reduced in faster lanes from 120 to 100 km/h and from 100 to 80 km/h and it's necessary to use studded tires. During winter amount of traffic is reduced by 10 % but also traffic accidents are also reduced as much.

There occurs yearly almost 3000 crashes with stags. It often leads to death to drive under 500 kg stag and therefore it can be said that moose is most dangerous animal in Finland :)

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