i couldn't place my words and thoughts and i didn't want to try, what follows is raw, mind to fingers and directly into a sort of electronic sky
my finger to your lips
your finger through the air
feeling the tension of
wirey content seeping forth

from the time i first saw
the way your eyes stare off 
into the universe, beyond
your star locked gaze

it reminds me of the time
when you first said those words
before there were tears 
and nothing more

slap me with reality's hand
i've not been the same since
you lost your way and i was
following so blindly

m i c h a e l   s  t i p e
sings in his near wild heaven
whilst i drown somewhere
between the ocean and the sun

i love it here, where nothing intrudes
melancholy, sadistic attitude  
a breath of fresh air washes over this
self-loathing, self-loving...

brief interlude.
i still feel the tension in the air when your name is mentioned and i remember the way i lovingly caressed the smile on your face, though it was nothing more than that which might have been had it meant more potent thoughts of an idealistic life floating in my head to drift past a poplar tree and land upon a piece of paper which coincidentally began as that tree, the tree which now absorbs bits of my ink and causes them to create tiny little paper-ink stars that can only be seen by a third eye of scrutiny beyond that which i possess.

tell me another lie
i might even believe it, this time
who would think it could hurt
so hard, for so long.. 
who would have thought it would subside when he slipped from his place in the universe and came to rest in mine?

i killed a mosquito today to get my blood back, because it's my blood, and i wanted it, but perhaps i could have spared just a little had i not been so quick to judge a simple little insect for carrying on in ways that fit its design.

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