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Starting in 1997 on Solid State Records with "The falling Cycle" Training for Utopia made some of the most aggressive hardcore/punk music around. Then suddenly in 1999 with the release of "Throwing a Wrench Into the American Music Machine" they changed to a techno/industrial band.

Discography for Training for Utopia

  • The Falling Cycle EP
    • The Falling Cycle
    • Dead Signal
    • Pretty Picture Of Lies
    • Thoughtless Reminders
  • Training for Utopia/ Zao Split EP
    • Modus Operandi
    • Skin Like Winter
    • Police John, Police Red
    • Walk on By, Walk on Me(the pianinst's prophecy)
  • Plastic Soul Impalement
    • Plastic Soul Impalement
    • A Good Feeling
    • Brother Hezekiah
    • Two Hands
    • Pretty Picture Of Lies
    • Black Forest
    • One Zero One
    • Burning(match in hand)
    • Human Shield
    • Single Handed Attempt At Revolution
    • A Gift To A Dying Friend
  • Throwing A Wrench Into The American Music Machine
    • 50,000 Screaming TFU Fans Can't Be Wrong
    • White Boys Burden
    • The State Of Wyoming Is Worthless
    • Burt Reynolds Vs. Godzilla
    • Tennessee Midget
    • Everything, Including The Stars Is Falling, Baby
    • New York City Is Overrated
    • Dead Signal 2000
    • The Art Of Killing A Copy Machine
    • Seeing-Eye Fruit Bat

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