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A restaurant/bar located in the Laclede's Landing district of St. Louis. This bar is actually much bigger than it appears on the outside thanks to multiple levels. When you walk in the front door there is a stairway to your right and straight ahead is the main floor bar. The main floor and the upstairs above that are the restaurant. But the main floor does contain a stage for bands to play on. If you go back to the entrance and take the stairway down you will find a bar and off to your right a big room. In this room you would currently be on a balcony-type floor that over looks the lowest level. On the lowest level there is a bigger stage than the mainfloor, a bar, and some room to dance.

Typically they have cover bands on both stages. Which is fine when it is a good cover band, like Paint The Earth which plays there regularly.

See also Trainwreck Westport Plaza.

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