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Transatlanicism is the fourth LP of Death Cab for Cutie, a popular indie pop band. I've also seen some categorize the band under indie rock or even emo; it bears a passing resemblance to pop punk, but without the punk. Although it is slated for an October 7th release, the tracks have been widely available on Soulseek since July. The Chris Walla-produced album will be released by Barsuk Records in standard CD format and SACD format, making it the first SACD to be released by a non-RIAA label. Perhaps it will be released in vinyl as well.

The album represents a depature from the gleefulness of The Photo Album. Death Cab for Cutie has stated that it is a stepping stone to more experimental material. A few reviewers have suggested that the album sounds less like a Death Cab group effort and more like a Ben Gibbard solo project, citing little or no accompaniment in songs like the title track, A Lack of Color, and Passenger Seat. Others counter that Death Cab has always been a bit light on the accompaniment, and purposely so. Indeed, The New Year is probably one of the most guitar-driven tracks the band has ever produced.

Among the best songs on the album are Tiny Vessels, a tale of a relationship that meant nothing; Expo '86, which likens waiting for something to happen in a relationship to waiting in line at the World Fair in Vancouver; and The Sound of Settling, which details frustration at repressing one's impulses.

1. The New Year - 4:06
2. Lightness - 3:30
3. Title and Registration - 3:39
4. Expo '86 - 4:11
5. The Sound of Settling - 2:12
6. Tiny Vessels - 4:21
7. Transatlanticism - 7:55
8. Passenger Seat - 3:41
9. Death of an Interior Decorator - 2:56
10. We Looked Like Giants - 5:32
11. A Lack of Color - 3:35

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