Trans*lu"cent (?), a. [L. translucens, -entis, p. pr. of translucere to shine through; trans across, through = lucere to shine. See Lucid.]


Transmitting rays of light without permitting objects to be distinctly seen; partially transparent.


Transparent; clear.

[Poetic] "Fountain or fresh current . . . translucent, pure."


Replenished from the cool, translucent springs. Pope.

Syn. -- Translucent, Transparent. A thing is translucent when it merely admits the passage of light, without enabling us to distinguish the color and outline of objects through it; it is transparent when we can clearly discern objects placed on the other side of it. Glass, water, etc., are transparent; ground glass is translucent; a translucent style.


© Webster 1913.

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