Trastevere is one of the many zones in Rome, the capital of Italy (in case you missed that somehow). While the majority of the older parts of the city are decked with various monuments in the seemingly random, incredible way that is Rome, Trastevere is a touch different.

Until relatively recently, Trastevere was an old working community. Then it attracted the notice of artisans, hipsters, and musicians around the world as an inexpensive place to live in the Eternal City. It has a sense of community, oddity, and some of the most confusing streets in the city. For Rome, that's saying something. It also plays host to a lively night scene, tons of nice restaurants and (now) exorbitant rent. If the starving artists flocked before, now its the internationally wealthy who might otherwise alight in parts of Paris, or in Greenwich Village. A curious example of the genesis of the city and the place to find great jazz clubs in dark rooms beneath the city streets.

Trastevere is also the home of Chiesa di Santa Maria di Trastevere, arguably the oldest church in Rome - certainly a notable one.

A nice place to visit. If go, don't miss the crepes.

From Latin "Trans Tiberim", it is the only quarter of ancient Rome that was within the city walls but on the "other" (western) side of the Tiber.

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