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Star TrekDeep Space Nine
Season: 5
Production: 503
Original Airdate: 11/4/1996

Stardate: 4523.7

This was by far one of DS9's best episodes. Sure the plot was a little weird, and it did borrow from previous material, but it was very well done and the melding with the original series film was seamless.

The Trouble With Tribbles was one of the gems of the original series. It was certainly one of the weirdest. There was probably no better episode to try to this kind of show with. Nothing really earth shattering happens, and the main characters (the Tribbles) could be easily duplicated to help the look of the new show. Some of the shots used were stunning. It was nearly impossible to tell where they had done some of the cutting. Putting O'Brien and Bashir into the line on the ship (where Kirk is chewing them out) was simply amazing work.

Besides the technical aspects of the show, the new writing was very well done. Probably the highlight of this was the discussion with Worf about why the original series Klingons don't look anything like Klingons. "It is not spoken of outside the empire," (or some such comment). Then he goes on to talk about the glorious victory on the Tribble home world. Classic.

While DS9 never quite had the consistency that TNG showed throughout the years, it did have some episodes that were better than most of what TNG aired during its run. This was one of those episodes.

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