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Trigger Street Productions

Kevin Spacey started up his own production company, Trigger Street Productions, in 1997. The company was founded to help people starting out in the entertainment business to get a foothold. Spacey felt that he never would have had the success he continues to enjoy without the support and encouragement of people who had 'made it,' or at least were further along in the process. To that end Trigger Street develops the work of 'undiscovered' filmmakers, screenwriters, playwrights, etc.

Trigger Street's website, triggerstreet.com, was started in January of 2002 to create an internet community of filmmakers and screenwriters. The site accepts work from web denizens for peer-review. It allows you to browse all work submitted and review it yourself, submit your own work, and participate in the community through the message board. The site even runs several short film festivals a year, judged by volunteers who have already had success in the entertainment industry. Their first short film festival this year was judged by Bono, Mike Myers, Annette Bening, Cameron Crowe and Danny Devito. The judges for the second festival, running as of the time of this writeup, are Liv Tyler, Sydney Pollack, Mike Nichols, Sheryl Crow, Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen.

Cool stuff, eh? The concept of the website reminds one of a certain other website that you may be familiar with.

Source: www.triggerstreet.com

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