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Square made a huge mistake with the introduction of Triple Triad. They assumed this one collectable card game was so good, they didn't have to include any other mini-games in Final Fantasy VIII. Which is ridiculous - Final Fantasy VII's mini-games were far superior to the single annoying card game in VIII which, in order to get the best weapons/armor/magic, you have to play.

Any video game that foists a CCG on me is just asking to get its arse kicked; in Final Fantasy VIII's case, I broke out the GameShark just to get around the damn card game.

A unique and innovative card game included as a sub-game in Final Fantasy VIII. The player plays the game against the computer in an attempt to win cards.

The cards have four numbers in the left corner, arranged in a diamond pattern. The numbers correspond to the four edges of the card. In addition to cool artwork, the card may have an elemental property assigned to it.

The object of the game is to win cards from your opponent (which is always the computer, and has varying levels of difficulty). Points are scored by flipping your opponent's cards over. Cards are flipped by comparing the numbers that correspond to the edges of cards that are touching when the card is placed on the game board. The game ends when all of the spaces on the board are filled. The winner is determined by highest score at the end of the game, else the game ends as a draw (draws can be avoided if the game is played with the Sudden Death rule).

In addition to the basic rules, there are the rules of Same, where if a card placed on the board has numbers that match the numbers of two adjacent cards (one of which must belong to the opponent), the card(s) will be flipped over, and may trigger a Combo. Under this same category are the rules of Plus and Same Wall. Plus will trigger a Combo if a card placed next to two adjacent cards have numbers that add up to the same value. Same Wall works a lot like same, but any of the perimeter edges of the game board can be used as a card with a value of 10 (represented as 'A' in the game) in performing a Same move.

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