Tropical skittles are the best. The aptly named bite-sized candies are packed in a bright blue pack with the Skittles- Taste The Rainbow logo on it. They come in five distinct flavors:

The blue flavor, my personal favorite, is called Passion Punch. What passion punch is, I do not know, but I like the idea of a "mystery fruit" to add intrigue to the pack. The public's favorite, however, is the yellow, according to a survey at musical practice. The yellow skittle combines the fruity goodness of strawberry, orange, and banana. Green perfectly captures the subtle bitterness and sour essence of kiwi and lime, while the orange flavor conjures images of fresh mangoes and peaches, right off the tree. Last but certainly not least is the delicious pink, which offers a delightful jaunt into the world of watermelon.

Remember, the next time you buy a boring pack of "standard" skittles, you could be putting fun into your mouth. Try something better.

Try a a blue bag.

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