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Although I can't find any present mention of this on Hershey's website, I know I'm not imagining it...I had some once at summer camp some fifteen years ago. Tropical Chocolate is (was?) Hershey's answer to those warmer climes of the world, and to those intrepid adventurers who would depart on expeditions to such climes but couldn't bear to be without their favorite treat. Actually, it was also made for survival kits, as chocolate is (as any of us overweight folks know) one of the best ways to concentrate calories into a small yet edible form.

What is it? Tropical chocolate is Hershey's chocolate that has somehow (and no, I have no idea how) been modified to have a much higher melting point than regular milk chocolate. It tastes almost exactly the same, although the texture is crunchier since your body heat doesn't melt the stuff.

It used to be available from outdoor outfitters like REI and Eastern Mountain Sports.

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