A James Cameron action blockbuster released in 1994 based on a French film called La Totale. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Arnold, and Bill Paxton. In it, Schwarzenegger is a spy for a super-secret intelligence organization. So secret in fact, that his wife, played by Curtis doesn't know that when her computer salesman husband goes to work, he's really shooting up terrorists on snow mobiles and flying F-18s.

Arnold is on the trail of nuclear weapon stealing terrorists, but when he finds out his wife might be having an affair, he decides to use the resources at his disposal (black helicopters and wiretaps) to find out what's going on. Suddenly his private and business lives become connected and he has to rescue his family and the country from imminent death.

One of my favorite films , Cameron manages to blend comedy, action, and a good cast (even Tom Arnold for once) into a great movie. Hell, even Cameron has said it has his favorite characters out of any of his movies.

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